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The Kodály Society of Canada is an organization of music educators inspired by the work of Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist, and music educator Zoltán Kodály. Our work is to promote Kodály’s vision of music education for all. We seek to provide resources and teacher education that advance this vision and to create the space for dialogue regarding the value of music education throughout Canada and the world.

As an organization, we stand for and work towards meaningful music education for all students. Along with our colleagues from around the world, we believe that:

• Musical expression is an inherent human need which every person has the right to satisfy;

• Human expression begins with the voice;

• All individuals should be afforded the right and the opportunity to develop their musical skills, literacies and identity;

• Music education is an integral part of the school curriculum along with all other disciplines;

• Music is a human activity through which truth and understanding between peoples can be explored and nurtured. To this end, Kodaly-inspired music curricula should include materials and musical practices from a variety of traditions;

• Students’ musical experiences in education must aim to prepare them for lifelong involvement and participation in music;

• Music education must include music materials that are of cultural and linguistic value and reflect the diversity of Canadians;

• The Canadian music classroom must also be a place where truth and reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples is honoured, explored and developed.

KSC has branches in four provinces: Kodály Society British Columbia (KSBC), Alberta Kodály Association (AKA), Kodály Society of Ontario (KSO) and Kodály Society of Nova Scotia (KSNS). Each branch offers professional development and engagement with their local music education community through workshops, newsletters and more casual gatherings to share ideas and engage in music making. If there is not a branch in your province, contact the branch closest to you for Kodály-inspired discussion, resources and events. If you wish to join KSC directly, please contact us.

The Kodály Society of Canada Board of Directors meets face-to-face once a year in a variety of locations across the country. We work with the local organization and/or interested music educators to present a workshop for local music educators featuring KSC directors as clinicians.

Our journal, Alla Breve, is published once a year and features reflective and critical articles and special announcements that promote Kodály’s vision of music education for all in a contemporary Canadian context. Peer review is available and submissions are welcome by February 15 each year.

KSC currently has approximately 275 active members. If you are interested in joining one of our branches, which includes membership in the national organization, fill out the membership form below or visit your local branch website. Also, join our Facebook group for membership and other information.




Please visit your provincial branch to join the KSC. If you reside in a province that does not have a branch of the KSC, you can join here.

To complete your registration, please send a cheque for $25, made payable to the Kodaly Society of Canada, or an e-transfer to our treasurer:

Louise Grinstead,  KSC Treasurer, 48 Red Fern Terrace, Halifax, NS, B3S 1K8

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Visit our Members Only page for the latest Alla Breve and the KSC Archives.