History of KSC

The federal charter for the Kodály Institute of Canada (KIC) was granted in 1973.

The announcement that the organization was formed was made at the First International Kodály symposium held in August 1973 in Oakland, California. In order to parallel the International Kodály Society, the name of the Canadian Kodály organization was changed to the Kodály Society of Canada in 1986.

At present there are four branches within the organization: British Columbia (BCKSC), Alberta (AKA), Ontario (KSO), and Nova Scotia (KSNS). Individual members in other provinces and territories are invited to join the branch of their choice.

Since its inauguration, the Kodály Society of Canada has had 11 Presidents:

Gordon Kushner 1973-78
Ken Bray 1978-80
Pierre Perron 1980-84
Lois Choksy 1984-88
France David 1988-91
Ki Adams 1991-95
Amanda Montgomery 1995-99
A. Kim Eyre 1999-2004
Velvet Sulymka 2004-2008
Connie Foss More 2008-2012
Carolyn Neumann VanderBurgh 2012-2014

Darlene Ngo 2014-2014

Carolyn Neumann VanderBurgh 2014-2016

Kim Eyre 2016 – present