Welcome to the Kodály Society of Nova Scotia. 

As a group of Nova Scotia music teachers, we support our colleagues through workshops and newsletters and provide current information regarding Kodaly summer courses, scholarships and conferences.

KSNS began in 1991 under the leadership of Kaye Pottie and is an official branch of the Kodaly Society of Canada. Former KSNS Presidents include Kaye Pottie, Riet Vink, Joyce Pierce, Malcolm Bradley, Martha Healy, Janet Gaskin, Pamela Burton, Maureen Dunn, Eleanor Hall, Faith Daley and Louise Grinstead. We are grateful for their leadership and their gift of time and efforts on behalf of music teachers. Our Provincial Honourary Members include Kaye Pottie, Riet Vink, Joyce Pierce and Malcolm Bradley.

KSNS Board of Directors 2017-2018
President: Louise Grinstead
Registrar: Helen Higgins
Treasurer: Maureen Dunn
Secretary: Pamela Burton
Newsletter: Tara Simpson
Members at Large: Marlene Nolet, Lisa Clarke, Ryan Froude, Jenny Trites, 
Nelle Callanan, Serena Godmaire and Rhonda Corrigan.